Our services


With bespoke customs operating schemes, we simplify processes and reduce costs and time to the benefit of our importers.


Operating with a high sense of urgency, we operate with flexibility so that your goods reach the buyer on time and with no extra costs, be it a small or a large shipment.


You can entrust the customs operation transit of your goods to FACAL & Cía, where we design cutting-edge operating models that fit your turnover and commercial needs.

Temporary admission

We provide professional, trustworthy, and flexible solutions for industrial projects to optimize tax and operating advantages in this type of procedure.

Investment projects

We provide full consultancy services for investors that are looking for customs operating schemes that meet their specific project needs.


We specialize in e-commerce. We manage the customs operations for all the customers of FedEx Uruguay and Correo Uruguayo and offer consultancy services to postal operators for cargo management.